What is #GHOE? by Kimberlye Worth

It’s Homecoming. Since 1999, we have called ourselves the Greatest Homecoming on Earth (and beyond). I have some old fliers that even say that. Thanks to the advent of twitter we have shortened this to #GHOE.  As you get ready and have to explain to your coworkers what #GHOE is, share this article. Kimberlye Worth gives a great synopsis of what our modern homecoming is all about.

What is #GHOE?

I was in a meeting discussing at work when my director, interrupts and asks this question in the meeting. He asks, “What is #GHOE, it is trending number 1 on Twitter”. Oh I was just thrilled and gleaming in anticipation of being able to tell him. I said to him, #GHOE is the Greatest Homecoming on Earth hosted by North Carolina A&T, my Alma Mata”, as I winked my eye with confidence. He said, “How does a school have the Greatest Homecoming on Earth.” I replied, “well, let me tell you how A&T has the title.”

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is one of the top Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the nation. Every year we host our annual Homecoming, which in short is a reunion for the current students and alumni. Our Homecoming is celebrated throughout the community and the state of North Carolina. It’s not just for A&T students and alumni but it has become an experience that has impacted the entire city.

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-Brandon (DC Chapter President)

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