Homecoming Updates: Traffic!

Homecoming Traffic: As usual, there will be a number of stress closings, detours, etc during Homecoming. You are encouraged to utilize the Aggie Shuttle services during the day and when travelling to events in Downtown utilize parking decks on the fringe of downtown such as the Church Street & Bellemeade Decks. http://www.greensboro-nc.gov/index.aspx?page=2056

  • As usual, there will be a number of street closings in and around the campus to
    • 1) facilitate the parade
    •  2) optimize the flow of traffic to and from the campus.
  • Please be mindful that closing in and around the campus will occur as early as 5 am on Saturday.
  • Vehicle Access to the Stadium is restricted to those with official passes with entry from Bessemer Avenue (north of the stadium).  Streets adjacent to the stadium will be closed to traffic except for shuttles and staff.
  • Coliseum Area Traffic: With the volume of traffic anticipated on High Point Road, expect to see road closings and/or traffic diverted.
    • Last year, traffic coming to and leaving the Sheraton was “dumped” onto I-40.    This was not the actions of the Hotel but of the Greensboro Police Department to manage the flow of traffic in and around the Coliseum and the strip by the Hotel.
    • This “dump” will likely occur on Friday night and Saturday night because of the events being held at the Coliseum.  The student Step Show is on Friday and their Homecoming Concert is on Saturday night.
    • If you are taking students or others to these events or picking them up, expect a high volume of traffic or possible street closings.
    • Please work with your hotel to get instructions on how to get to the Coliseum or back to the hotel should you encounter any of these closings.
  • Wendover Ave Traffic: There may also be a “traffic dump” may also occur on Wendover Avenue off I-40.  Given the high volume of traffic on this road as an alternate to High Point Road plus all of the restaurants and hotels, a dump of traffic may occur on Wendover.  Plan your trip accordingly to avoid the high traffic areas and possible re-routes. 


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